About Starling Restoration

We are textile restoration experts with more than 20 years of textile cleaning experience. We believe hands-on care with personal touches make the real difference for families and businesses in crisis. Family owned and operated, our belief is customer service and customer care must be our # 1 priority.  We practice attention to detail and guaranteed satisfaction.

We cover a wide geographic area in the Mid-Atlantic region:  Maryland, District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania and South Jersey.

How Do We Work?

We work for you. We handle all the inventory, packing out, cleaning restoration, and storage of your soft goods. Our process is detailed and documented. We provide superior restoration service for all types of material, from everyday to irreplaceable. Rush emergency clothes cleaning is a specialty of ours. We understand how important it is for you to start living a normal life as soon as possible after a damage emergency, so we quickly process whatever you need for immediate wear.  24-72 hour turnaround provides you comfort in knowing clean clothing will be delivered the next day whether for work, vacation, or a special event.

  • On-site photos will be taken of the damaged or distressed items for insurance adjuster.
  • A detailed inventory is provided of all items we process. Our inventory process includes tagging and inputting into our computerized inventory software for processing and tracking of all items. We provide this detailed inventory to you and your adjuster/carrier for processing.
  • Non Salvageable Items that we determine cannot be restored, or do not clean to satisfaction, are inventoried and submitted to your insurance adjuster.
  • Immediate needs for work/weekend or an event will be cleaned and restored on a RUSH timeline and delivered back to you within 24-72 hours. A rush inventory will be provided.
  • Specialty clothing/footwear/fabric household items you may have will be pulled for specialty cleaning and restoration.
  • Packouts will include all the soft goods to be cleaned and restored. Will will also pack separately any items to be stored only. (Some items may not need cleaning and restoration but still need to be packed up and stored so that the contractor can do their job properly.)
  • Additional photos of inventory are always taken at warehouse.
  • Storage will occur after cleaning and processing until you are ready to move back into your home or business. When ready, we will deliver your items to you in time for move in. If you are not displaced, we will coordinate delivery of items back to you when processing and cleaning is completed. If you are displaced for a period of time, don’t worry. We will pull and deliver any additional clothing/footwear/fabric household items you may need upon request.

We are available, and easily accessible for questions, requests and guidance throughout the process. Our mission to help make this difficult time easier on you.