Restoration Products and Services

Restoration saves significantly over replacement. We are experts at restoring damaged caused by fire, smoke, soot, wind, water, mold, mildew, tear gas, bed bugs, skunks and many catastrophic events. We provide cleaning restoration services on all soft goods in a household, business or institution and work seamlessly with insurance carriers to take the burden off of our clients. Our work is 100% gauranteed.

We can do what others can’t: Drapes with beading and tassels, specialty rugs of all sizes with dye/color bleeding and fringe restoration, rubber items and clothing with elastic bands, specialty cleaning for baby items with organic solutions.

Items We Restore

  • All Clothing items – dry clean and laundry items, leather, suede, fur, outer gear, sporting gear

  • All fabric accessories – belts, hats, scarves, purses, handbags, luggage

  • Footwear – shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, children’s shoes, baby shoes

  • Linens and household fabrics – tapestries, rugs, curtains, decorative pillows, bedding, towels and linens, blankets and comforters, drapes, cornices, valences and other window treatments, table clothes and napkins, bath items

  • Baby and children’s items – stuffed animals and dolls,

  • Delicate materials – silks, wool, lace, beading, sequins, hand made items, quilts, knits, tassels/fringe, hand-sewn decor, hand made intricate designs and weaves

  • Valuables – designer wear, vintage clothing, heirlooms and antique items, high end oriental rugs, silk , wool, hand made intricate designs/weave

  • Personal Property – personal electronics, household furniture, collectibles, antiques, crystal, appliances, bikes, exercise equipment, high-detail items, china, dinnerware, tools, metal items, sports goods, industrial commodities, scheduled items, and a never-ending list of other hard and soft goods

  • Commercial – computers & electronics, artwork, documents, photographs, work space and industrial items, furniture, tools, equipment and much more hard and soft goods for commercial use manufacturing or distribution, wholesale or retail