What is Our Restoration Cleaning Process?

OZONE (03) enriched oxygen is an oxidizing gas used in the reiteration process to remove strong odors such as smoke. Fungus, mold spores, bacteria growth that soak into fabrics and spread quickly are also able to be treated and removed. Ozoning neutralizes and removes while at the same time is 100% safe to use without damaging effects. It is color safe on any material. The only exception is rubber material including elastic bands. Clothing items with elastic materials are treated with organic solutions to remove smoke odor, bacteria/fungus, and mold spores.

RUSH emergency clothes cleaning is our specialty.  We process whatever you need for immediate wear immediately.  24-72 hour turnaround provides you comfort in knowing clean clothing will be delivered the next day whether for work, vacation, or a special event.

The Starling Process


Insured is contacted within minutes of claim assignment.  We excel in rapid response and round the clock  accessibility.   Crews are dispatched and on-site as quickly as 1-3 hours from first call.


Our experienced on-site response team will thoroughly assess the damage.  Standardized job and pre-inspection forms explain our guidelines and policies in detail to insured.  Full documentation includes digital loss photos and inventory of damaged items. All items are sorted and bagged for safe delivery to our processing center.  A second detailedcomputerized inventory is performed at our center before restoration cleaning begins.  Unsalvageable inventory lists are provided both for insured and adjusters.


Our special restoration process will completely restore your garments.  Cleaning regular wash or dry cleaning will not be able to fully return your textiles to pre-loss condition.  We stand behind our work 100%.

  • Reduction Injection System – We use a state of the art reduction ozone injections cleaning system with our washing/wet cleaning and dry cleaning. With this system, we are able to achieve over 90 % success rate in fully restoring clothing damage or distressed by fire, water or mold.
  • Green cleaning – NON-TOXIC solution breaks down sand and trace amounts of carbon dioxide and water.  All solutions are safe for animals and children. No “PERC” percholoroethylene, a colorless organic solvent, is used in our process.  Perc is commonly used in commercial dry cleaning and may affect health.
  • Ozone generators – We use ozone generators to purify the air and pull out the smoke odor, bacteria/fungus and mold spores in garment, or fabric household item that cannot be washed or dry cleaned such as shoes, boots and luggage.
  • Storage – All items are stored in a climate controlled fully secure and insured facility until 100% ready for delivery.   FREE Delivery is also available at any time for any items needed before full delivery is requested (change of seasons, a special event, garments overlooked in rush delivery).
  • Client relationships – All our customers receive periodic check-ins during the restoration process as well as call backs following close out of jobs to ensure satisfaction.
  • Hands-on customer service – Our mission to take care of our clients from start to finish is what sets us apart from other restoration companies. We truly believe our role is not just about restoring items, but also about restoring lives. So if there’s anything else we can do for you, just ask.